How To Burn The Perfect Candle

Burning candles is simple, right? Yes and no. Improper care of your soy candles can lead to blackened jars and drowned wicks. Follow these few simple steps to get the most enjoyment out of your soy wax candles.

Trim the wick.

Most people that burn candles regularly already know this but it still needs to be stated. Trimming the wick to about a 1/4 inch allows for a better burn and doesn't lead to the flame blackening the glass. This also prevents soot from building up in the candle vessel. Remember to not leave the candle trimmings in the candle otherwise a hissing sound will occur when burning it. 

Allow for a good first burn.

The first burn of the candle is the most important. In the first burn, allow for the melted wax pool to reach the edge of the jar otherwise tunneling will occur. Tunneling is when a candle doesn't burn all the surrounding wax and a "tunnel" forms in the center. Lastly keep burning candles away from AC vents and fans because the draft will not allow the candle to burn evenly. 

Don't burn too much.

Do not burn for more than 4 hours every 24 hours is the rule of thumb when burning your candle. If you do burn for more than 4 hours then your candle wick will most likely form a mushroom and begin to release more smoke and soot into the jar. These burning rules will extend the life of your candle. 

Keep the candle clean.

Try to avoid letting the candle jar get dirty or this will affect the burn. Any normal household cloth will allow you to clean the inside of the jar if necessary. Avoid using clean products because this could interact with the fragrance oils and lead to a bad smelling candle.

Hope you enjoyed these tips and happy candle burning!